Third Trimester Checklist

3rd Trimester Checklist
  • Add strengthening exercises for birth to your routine (See our Exercise in the Third Trimester fact sheet)
  • Ask your doctor or midwife more questions about their practices for labor
  • Write your birth plan / birth preferences
  • Practice relaxation yoga for birth (See our Relaxation for Yoga Video)
  • Pack your bags for the hospital (See our Delivery Day Packing List)
  • Brush up on the signs of labor
  • Brush up on comfort measures for early labor
  • Purchase and install a car seat (Washington locations for car seat checks can be found at
  • Make sure you have the basics for baby’s return from the hospital (See our new baby checklist here)
  • Appoint a friend or relative as point person to organize support in the postpartum period (See our worksheet for your postpartum plan)
  • Learn some lullabies (Here are some of our favorites)
  • Once your due date has arrived, try natural methods for inducing labor
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