First Trimester Checklist

1st Trimester Checklist
  • Keep (or start!) exercising (See Exercise in the First Trimester fact sheet)
  • Read up on important nutrition considerations during pregnancy ( See our Nutrition Fact Sheet)
  • Learn what foods and activities to avoid during pregnancy (Emily Oster’s book Expecting Better is a great resource to sort through which recommendations are supported by research and which are better classified as wives’ tales)
  • Buy or make unscented lotion and other toiletries, as odor sensitivities often make scented products off-putting in the first trimester
  • Select a doctor or midwife and make your first appointment (See the Ohana Guide to Choosing a Doctor or Midwife)
  • Read and watch a couple of good quality books and/or films about pregnancy and birth (See our shortlist of Recommended Books and Movies for Pregnancy and Birth)
  • Continue or start taking a prenatal vitamin