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Prenatal Massage

Ohana’s Licensed Massage Therapists specialize in prenatal and postnatal therapeutic massage.  Services are provided in your home, with our therapists’ portable tables.


Your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy, some of which can cause discomforts as your muscles, tendons, and joints adjust to carrying more weight in different places of your body. Prenatal massage can help to release tight and aching muscles and help you feel, move, and sleep better in your pregnancy. It can be particularly helpful in relieving sciatica, upper or lower back aches, and leg cramps.

Cost: $160 for one hour in-home massage


No matter how your birth unfolds, the process of delivering a baby is an intense physical experience that requires a huge amount of energy and exertion. Birth preparation massage will make sure your muscles are in the optimal relaxed condition to facilitate the birth process. The ideal time for this massage is one to two days before delivery. However, because the birth date is usually hard to predict exactly, we recommend scheduling this massage for about a week before your expected due date.

Cost: $160 for one hour in-home massage


People often compare the birth process to running a marathon, and there are a lot of similarities between the two! In fact, birth can easily last for the time it would take to run two or three marathons. Yet, unlike a marathon, after which you typically get a period of rest, birth is followed by the first days and weeks of parenting, which can also be physically demanding. The postnatal massage is aimed to help rejuvenate tired muscles after the birth process and provide a welcome opportunity for some moments of self-care as you care for your new baby.

Cost: $160 for one hour in-home massage


Planning for and welcoming a new baby can be a stressful experience for new fathers as they juggle a new set of competing priorities and responsibilities. And the father’s role at a birth can often be physically demanding and exhausting as well. If a father is an active supporter of a natural delivery — helping the laboring mother with counter-pressure, massage, and position changes — he will often experience sore muscles, back ache, or tension afterward.

Cost: $160 for one hour in-home massage

Client Reviews
"I have no doubt that Jocelyn Alt made my natural childbirth possible."
"I credit my successful VBAC [Vaginal Birth After Cesarean] at age 39 mostly to the support of Autumn and Jocelyn."
"Having Autumn there with me was an immeasurable gift. She was a deep well of quiet strength, experience, and knowledge."
"Having Jocelyn & Autumn on the team boosted our decision-making and confidence. Their knowledge & experience stands out."
"They were incredible at 'reading the room' and being able to tell how much or how little attention I was needing at the moment."
"Working with Jocelyn and Autumn was a pleasure. They were attentive, compassionate and engaged from the first time we reached out to them, to even now, weeks after the birth."
"Jocelyn has magic hands! My pain just seemed to melt away with her massages."
"It was so great to have been able to meet and work with two doulas."
"The thing I appreciated the most about having Jocelyn at my birth was her natural ability to put me at ease."
"I really can’t rave enough about how Jocelyn helped me help my wife."
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