Childbirth & ParentPrep Classes

Ohana childbirth classes are designed to cover the information most important to expecting parents as they prepare for their upcoming birth and the beginning of parenthood. The curriculum is based on our team’s combined 25+ years of experience working with pregnant women and their partners, the most cutting-edge research available about childbirth, and contributions from leading health care providers in Chicago. Learn more…

New Parent Classes

The first months of parenting usually involve a steep learning curve. No matter how much you prepare beforehand, every infant is different and every mother and father has to figure out his or her way of managing the many facets of caring for a new baby. It’s true that babies don’t come with instruction manuals, but we think we’ve got the next best thing. Ohana New Parent Classes address the essential questions parents ask in the first months of parenting. Topics include strategies related to feeding, sleeping, soothing, and fostering your baby’s optimal development. Learn more…


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