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Baby names galore!

Wow, a whole blog about baby names! I challenge you not to get hooked…

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Apps to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

For any of you with New Year’s resolutions, here’s a nice list of apps that may make keeping them more fun.

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Check out this Uterus piñata one of our clients’ sister-in-law made for her baby shower!



It came complete with fallopian tubes, a partially dilated cervix and even a mucus plug!!! So cool

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Such adorable Halloween outfits in the Mom&Baby group this morning!

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How do you plan to document your baby’s special moments?

For one dad’s idea, check out the 365 Things Project!


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To-be-Dad entertaining wife in labor

dad entertaining wife

Awesome dad-to-be entertained his wife during labor this weekend with this amazing rooster/astronaut impersonation. He had us all cracking up laughing!

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A beautiful TED talk by midwife Ina May Gaskin on reducing fear of birth in U.S. culture

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Kate considering hypnobirthing

The Duchess of Cambridge is apparently considering using the deep relaxation method of hypnobirthing for her birth. We include an introduction to this unique approach in our childbirth classes and […]

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Exhibit at Chicago Contemporary Art Museum


I love this current exhibit outside the Chicago Contemporary Art Museum.

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Client Reviews
"I have no doubt that Jocelyn Alt made my natural childbirth possible."
"I credit my successful VBAC [Vaginal Birth After Cesarean] at age 39 mostly to the support of Autumn and Jocelyn."
"Having Autumn there with me was an immeasurable gift. She was a deep well of quiet strength, experience, and knowledge."
"Having Jocelyn & Autumn on the team boosted our decision-making and confidence. Their knowledge & experience stands out."
"They were incredible at 'reading the room' and being able to tell how much or how little attention I was needing at the moment."
"Working with Jocelyn and Autumn was a pleasure. They were attentive, compassionate and engaged from the first time we reached out to them, to even now, weeks after the birth."
"Jocelyn has magic hands! My pain just seemed to melt away with her massages."
"It was so great to have been able to meet and work with two doulas."
"The thing I appreciated the most about having Jocelyn at my birth was her natural ability to put me at ease."
"I really can’t rave enough about how Jocelyn helped me help my wife."
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